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3d data: scans of front fenders Audi C4 (100/A6) S4 - both sides

3d data: scans of front fenders Audi C4 (100/A6) S4 - both sides

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product attributes

  • two download files
  • file format: STL (mesh)
  • number of nodes per file: 3.000.000
  • file size each: ca. 147MB

important notes on the scanned part

  • both sides scanned individually, you will not just get a mirrored version of the same scan
  • scans of front fenders in mounted condition, see pictures
  • indicator lamp (turn signal), side trim, front bumper and front doors were mounted during scan process; doors and front hood in open position
  • these scans focus on the outer geometry of the fenders, which (from factory) are wider than standard Audi 100/A6 front fenders
  • the scans are suitable to extract the geometry of the wider wheel arches or to design wider wheel arches/wide body parts

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