Individual products for motor enthusiasts.

By design our products combine lightweight and style, performance and looks. So you will shine on the track and in the car park.

various surface treatments


Parts in high end finish. Aluminum brush-polished and anodized. So nice, you... 


A textbook example of classic looks. Functional surface treatment, usually by powder... 


As the name says: pure, raw parts without any surface treatment -... 

what drives ZORN Motorsport

Is it the speed? The smell of unburnt fuel, smoking tires and exhaust fumes? Or is it the noise? We are not quite sure, but it's a fact that we had countless goosebumps during our motoring activities.

The passion turned into a mission: empowering other petrolheads. And we are tackling this with latest technology:

  • 3d laser scanning

    Precise measurement of parts and available construction space. If necessary scanning is done directly in situ.
  • data conversion

    From scanned point cloud straight to a surface file (mesh). This is the framework for all further steps.
  • CAD engineering

    Component and assembly design in 3D software, including clearance analysis and tolerance evaluation.
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selected scan impressions

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  • 3d printing

  • sheet metal

  • laser-cutting

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