Collection: B2B BUSINESS

We are offering our services and products also to B2B customers.
Products and services include:

3D laser scan

  • scan service, at your facilities or in-house at our facilities
  • reverse engineering of the scanned data
  • design engineering on components and assemblies

sheet metal parts (laser cut and bent)

  • production of laser cut sheet metal parts
  • production of cut and bent sheet metal parts
  • surface coating, done by certified partners (e.g. anodizing, powder coat)

laser etching

  • laser etching of flat parts as well as cylindrical parts
  • on coated metal surface (e.g. anodized aluminum, powder coatet steel)
  • on raw metal surfaces (e.g. aluminum, steel, stainless steel)
  • on wood and fibre board
  • on real glass
  • on acrylic glass

acrylic glass

  • cutting, incl. contour cutting
  • cuts are clean and deburred
  • engraving, incl. custom logos

If you are interested please feel free to get in touch - either by our contact form, by email or by phone: +49-7971-9640-041.