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set of 8pcs - custom made support plate (steel, 1mm)

set of 8pcs - custom made support plate (steel, 1mm)

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product attributes

  • set of 8 pcs = 8 identical support plates, customized
  • also to choose: mirror inverted (4x left, 4x right)
  • material: sheet metal
    • thickness 1,0mm
    • yield strength 140-280MPa
  • customized contour
    • based on customer's scheme drawing
    • based on a sample, stencil or a template
  • maximum dimensions:
    • width up to 150mm
    • length up to 380mm
  • includes drawn holes (dimples) for extra strength
    • max 6 holes per plate
    • available dimple diameters: 40/50/60/70/80mm (dimensions before deep draw/flanging; diameter subject to change during deep draw/flanging)
    • distance from hole to edge: min. 16mm
    • distance from hole to hole: min. 23mm
  • intended for welding applications

installation instructions

No installation instructions apply for this product.

restriction of use

Requires installation by professionals under the use of personal protective equipment.

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