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full kit aluminum race dash Volkswagen Golf Mk2

full kit aluminum race dash Volkswagen Golf Mk2

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This product is not on stock. Pre-order to make sure you will get one! Estimated time of shipping: 4 weeks after order.

For versions with custom made front plates the estimated time of shipping is 4 weeks after order.

product attributes

  • material: aluminum (lasercut)
    • speedo frame (if included) 1mm
    • mounting bracket 1.5mm
    • front plates
      • 1.5mm for all plates w/o OE switch cut-outs
      • 2.0mm for all plates with OE switch cut-outs
  • color/surface: raw aluminum
  • delivery scope: a full kit
    • always included:
      • 1x mounting bracket (fully pre-assembled with 8x pop rivet nut)
      • 1x front plate
      • 8x allen key bolt (pictures show Phillips head)
    • included depending on version:
      • speedo frame
      • 3d printed bracket for signal of emergency brake
      • 3d printed bracket for fan-/heater control unit
  • definition of "OE switches"
    • low beam (lower left side of the speedo)
    • rear window heating (upper right side of the speedo)
    • fog lights front/rear (upper right side of the speedo)
    • warning lights (upper right side of the speedo)
    • signal of emergency brake (right side of the speedo)
    • fan-/heater control unit (lower right)
  • custom made version: please contact us in advance to check feasibility of your desired design
  • please read following installation instructions carefully!

installation instructions

  • requires following installation equipment, which is not part of the delivery scope: cloth tape to avoid noises of contacting surfaces
  • if you intend to use the standard fan/heater control unit, the lower mounting point on the right side of the frame will become obsolete
    • you need to cut the frame on the marked areas with suitable tools

restriction of use

Requires installation by professionals under the use of personal protective equipment.

product line ZORN PURE

As the name says: pure, raw parts without any surface treatment - made in the spirit of racing. Not only for the looks, but also for maximized weight reduction. Raw parts will usually come with production marks and scratches from handling. As they are intended for motorsports use, these marks and scratches cannot not be accepted as claim reasons.

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additional brackets in full kit for "standard switches"

installation pictures