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air duct (cone) for radiator support Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 (C180/C200/C250)

air duct (cone) for radiator support Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 (C180/C200/C250)

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Caution: 3d printed part
the surface of this product is raw, layers of printing are visible. Also at locations of layer change there may occur process related material bulging. This is only a visual impairment, it does not affect function or stability.

product attributes

  • scope of delivery: one air duct for radiator support (driver side, LH)
  • fits Mercedes-Benz C-Class model 204 (W204, S204) in following versions
    • 156HP, types:
      • 204.044 sedan C180 1.6 Kompressor
      • 204.045 sedan C180 1.6 Kompressor
      • 204.046 sedan C180 1.8 Kompressor
      • 204.245 station wagon C180 1.6 Kompressor
      • 204.246 station wagon C180 1.8 Kompressor
      • 204.249 station wagon C180 CGI 1.8
    • 184HP, types:
      • 204.041 sedan C200 1.8 Kompressor
      • 204.048 sedan C200 CGI 1.8
      • 204.241 station wagon C200 1.8 Kompressor
      • 204.248 station wagon C200 CGI 1.8
    • 204HP, type:
      • 204.247 station wagon C250 CGI 1.8
  • weight: approx. 185g
  • made by 3d printing, FKM technique
  • material: PETG
  • color: black
  • designed under use of our laser scanner
  • please read following installation instructions carefully

installation instructions

  • not to be used in combination with our air duct for the air filter housing
  • a full set (closed system from radiator support to air filter housing by flexible hose) is in preparation

restriction of use

Not intended for road use, motorsports only. Requires installation by professionals under the use of personal protective equipment.

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