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acrylic sign with tractor and name (custom, personalized)

acrylic sign with tractor and name (custom, personalized)

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delivery scope
product attributes

  • material: acrylic glass
  • laser etched with a tractor and your name (see also following notes)
  • plate size according to european license plates
    • width 52cm (outer dimension)
    • height 11cm (outer dimension)
  • delivery scope: 1pc, optionally with suction cups (note: all plates will come with 2 holes for suction cups, if we do not get contrary info - even when ordering w/o additional suction cups)

notes on custom text/custom logo

You can choose all standard Windows fonts for your name. In general there is no restriction for text length, but on very long texts the letters will be very small compared to the plate dimension.

Pictures show original German license plate font, which is available in regular and close-spaced version. If you do not provide instructions, we will use the license plate font for engraving your name (regular or close-spaced version depending on name length).

order instructions

Before check-out of the cart you can enter text into a text box. Please use this text box to describe the layout you wish to receive:

  • font
  • name

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.
If we do not get contrary information, we will try to get your logo/your text onto the plate as big as possible.

installation instructions

no instructions available

restrictions of use

Not intended for road use, decorational purposes only.

Please consider:
this article is made on custom request, therefore the right of withdrawal does not apply. You can not return the item.

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